Westside Wisemen

Upcoming show: Friday June 15

Westside Wisemen is a multi-genre band from Los Angeles, California. Ronnie Nells, Kevin Kim, Reed Puckett and Lance Tamanaha began as friends that met on the west side of LA.  After realizing that they were all musicians, the group soon formed and started playing local gigs.  Quickly becoming known for their unique mash-ups and vocal arrangements, Westside Wisemen took a residency at the oldest live music venue on the west side, Harvelle's in Santa Monica, and have not looked back.

Their first EP, None The Wiser, is a 6-song record they released recently showing off their sound and range.  You can count on a Wisemen show always to be filled with energy, jokes and good times.  They love what they are doing and it shows. 


Photographer: Tony Flohr

Wisemen: Ronnie Nells, Kevin Kim, Reed Puckett, Lance Tamanaha

The Galley, Main St. Santa Monica, CA